torsdag 2. september 2010

Program fra Duane Hansen

Hentet fra Power and bulk

Just a concept to ponder:

Day 1: Squat and Bench Press
Work up to a max single in the squat, then do several more singles with 50-100 pounds less than you made. After that, work up to a max single in the bench press, followed by as many sets of doubles as you care to do with 50 pounds less than you made.

Day 2: Press and Deadlift
Work up to a max single in the press. After that, do 10 singles in the deadlift with about 80% of your max. After this, you can do all of the "other stuff" that you want to do.

Then, get back in the gym as soon as you can and repeat Day 1. Aim to lift more today than you did before. After that, repeat Day 2. Aim for a bigger weight in the press and add some weight to the barbell you are deadlifting.

Work this program hard for two weeks, then spend a week doing this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
Squat - 135/2 reps x 10 sets
Bench - 135/2 x 10
Deadlift - 225/1 x 10
Press - 135/1 x 10

After that, jump right back into the original program and bust ass for another two weeks. Repeat the cycle of 2 weeks heavy/1 week light until you are strong enough.