fredag 30. juli 2010

Ed Coans Treningsprogram

Jeg fant et innlegg på forumet til Lyle McDonald med treningsprogrammet til Ed Coan:

I was just watching an Ed Coan video where he outlines his training routine (at the time):

Monday: legs (squat)
squats* 1-2 work sets (7-10 sets including warm ups)
single-leg leg press 2-3x10-12
leg extensions 2x10-12
single-leg leg curls 2x10-12
seated calves 3x10-12

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: chest (heavy bench)
bench press* 2 work sets (7-10 sets including warm ups)
close grip bench press** (paused) 2 work sets
incline press** (paused) 2 work sets
standing calves 3x10-12
abs 3x10-12

thursday: shoulders
press behind neck* 1-2 work sets (5 sets including warm ups)
dumbell lateral raise 2x10-12
front dumbell raises 2x10-12
bent over dumbell raises 2x10-12

friday: back (deadlift)
deadlift* 1-2 work sets (8 sets including warm ups)
stiff legged deadlifts 1x8-10
bent rows 2x8-10
pulldowns or chins 2x8-10
one arm rows or bent over dumbell raises 1x10-12

saturday:chest + arms (light bench, recovery day)
light wide grip bench press 2x10 (paused)
flyes 1-2x10-15
pushdowns 3x8-10
weighted dips 1x15 (paused)
tricep extensions 2x8-10 (sometimes paused)
preacher curls or barbell curls 2x10-12
calves 2-3 sets

sunday: off

* reps are cycled (for example starting with 10 reps down to a max over a 10-16 week cycle)
**same reps as bench press